Walter Paul Productions

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An updated revival of WPP's 2014 production, 
to commemorate 100 years since the
end of the First World War 
on 11th November 1918

To date, the Company includes 
Jane Blackwood, David Campbell, Peter Deeny, James Gemmell, Hazel Keay,
Dominic Miller, Frank Miller, Chriss Mills, Lauren Mitchell,
Liz Mitchell, 
Ewan Macleod, 
Sinead McAree, Alan McCormack,
Hazel Tazzar, Melanie Thomson, Roger Topping, Jake Vulkan

Director Walter Paul; Music Director Derek Norval; Stage Manager George Mitchell;
Costumes Carolyn Young & Jan Christie, Flame Torbay Costumes;
Stage Properties Bev Sweeney; Prompter Sandra Cairns;
Front of House Honor Shelley & Alison Campbell; Company Manager David Blackwood

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A scene from the 2014 production
Walter Paul Productions is incorporated under the Companies Act 1985 as a private company, registration number SC342278